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book The Teachings Of Maimonides by A Cohen
book The Babylonian Talmud - Tractate Berakot by A Cohen
book The rabbinical dialectics by Aaron Hahn
book History of the arguments for the existence of God by Aaron Hahn
book Judaism and its history by Abraham Geiger
book Judaism and Islam by Abraham Geiger
book The Hammer. A Story of the Maccabean Times by Alfred John Church
book The Jews in the Eastern War Zone by American Jewish Committee
book The threefold cord by B Spiers
book Study of the Talmud by B Spiers
book Acceptable words by B Spiers
book Aaron the Jew / A Novel by Benjamin Leopold Farjeon
book Toilers of Babylon / A Novel by Benjamin Leopold Farjeon
book From the Heart of Israel: Jewish Tales and Types by Bernard Drachman
book The Jewish Unions in America: Pages of History and Memories
 by Bernard Weinstein
book Russian Idea - Jewish Presence by Brian Horowitz
book The Makers and Teachers of Judaism by Charles Foster Kent
book Hebrew Heroes: A Tale Founded on Jewish History by Charlotte Maria Tucker
book The Kabbalah: its doctrines, development, and literature by Christian D Ginsburg
book The centurial by E M Myers
book The Hebrew Bible historiale by Eleazar ben Asher ha-Levi
book The New Land / Stories of Jews Who Had a Part in the Making of Our Country by Elma Ehrlich Levinger
book The Young Captives by Erasmus W Jones
book Opera 6 by Flavius Josephus
book The history of the siege and destruction of Jerusalem by Flavius Josephus
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