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Title: Opt Out

Author: Rory Price

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Tags: Science Fiction

Publisher: Rory Price

URL: https://roryprice.net/2020/05/01/opt-out/

Rating: 5

Rating: Rating 5

Opt Out
Author: Rory Price
Publisher: Rory Price
Published: 2020-07-12
eBook Creator: Rory Price
eBook created: 2020-09-18
Copyright: CC BY-NC-SA
Source: RoyPrice.Net

What if we had implants that could give us access to thousands of apps with the flick of a finger? What if implants were considered so useful, anyone could get them for free? What if they were so widespread that living without implants was practically impossible? What if only two corporations made them? How much would they tell us about how these implants really work?

Not only privacy activists will easily identify a lot of references to contemporary topics, arguments and threads. Those thinking they've got „nothing to hide“ might reconsider after (I'd say already while) reading this. Definitely a recommended, if not a must read!

Rory made this book available DRM free under a Creative Commons license, so you can even share it with your friends. If you like the book and the idea, consider motivating him (and other authors) to continue this – by compensating him for his work. You can do so…

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