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Title: Science Fiction Short Stories

Author: Arthur Leo Zagat

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Tags: Science Fiction

Science Fiction Short Stories
Author: Arthur Leo Zagat
Published: 1932-1948
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Source: MobileRead

An assortment of short fiction from the pen of pulp author Arthur Leo Zagat, with texts collected from Project Gutenberg and Roy Glashan's Library.


  • 1: The Great Dome on Mercury
  • 2: When the Sleepers Woke
  • 3: The Land Where Time Stood Still
  • 4: The Lanson Screen
  • 5: Flight Of The Silver Eagle
  • 6: Lost In Time
  • 7: The Cavern Of The Shining Pool
  • 8: The Green Ray
  • 9: The Two Moons Of Tranquillia
  • 10: No Escape from Destiny

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