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Title: The Raid From Mars

Author: Miles J. Breuer

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Tags: Science Fiction

The Raid From Mars
Author: Miles J. Breuer
eBook Creator: Pulpmeister
Source: MobileRead

Miles J Breuer (1889-1945) was a PhD and a medical doctor who began writing sf in the 1920s, many of them in Hugo Gernsback's Amazing Stories magazine. Most of his fiction output was in the form of short stories and novelettes, but he also wrote 2 full length sf novels.

This collection contains all the presently available short fiction, and is unique to MobileRead.

The cover is made using a detail from the cover of Amazing, in which "The Raid from Mars" was the cover story.



  • 1: The Raid From Mars
  • 2: The Einstein See-Saw
  • 3: The Man with the Strange Head
  • 4: On Board the Martian Liner
  • 5: The Driving Power
  • 6: The Oversight
  • 7: The Book of Worlds
  • 8: The Strength of the Weak
  • 9: Mars Colonizes
  • 10: The Stone Cat
  • 11: A Problem in Communication
  • 12: Mechanocracy
  • 13: Millions for Defense
  • 14: The Gostak and the Doshes
  • 15: The Finger of the Past
  • 16: The Appendix and the Spectacles

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