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Title: The City In The Clouds

Author: Guy Thorne

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Tags: Science Fiction

The City In The Clouds
Autor: Guy Thorne
Pseudonym: C Ranger Gull
Published: 1922
Topic: Science Fiction
Source: MobileRead

A Guy Thorne novel, but written under the name C Ranger Gull.

An vastly wealthy man builds a city on an enormously tall structure above London, as accessible to outsiders as Tibet's Lhasa-- ie, not at all.

Newspaper proprieter Sir Thomas Kirby sets out to penetrate the impenetrable city in the clouds, partly because he is in love with the welahy millionaire's daughter, who is now high above London.

Unusually un-Blimpy for the era: the love interest is the beautiful Juanita, a Brazilian girl, and the hero's best friend is the capable young man from China, Pu-Yi.

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