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Title: Roads and Bridges

Author: Nadia Eghbal

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Tags: Computer

URL: https://github.com/willnorris/roads-and-bridges

Roads and Bridges
Subtitle: The Unseen Labor Behind Our Digital Infrastructure
Author: Nadia Eghbal
Published: 2016
License: CC-BY
Source: FordFoundation

Everybody relies on shared code to write software, including Fortune 500 companies, government, major software companies and startups. In a world driven by technology, we are putting increased demand on those who maintain our digital infrastructure. Yet because these communities are not highly visible, the rest of the world has been slow to notice.

[…] Sustaining our digital infrastructure is a new topic for many, and the challenges are not well understood. In this report, Nadia Eghbal unpacks the unique challenges facing digital infrastructure, and how we might work together to address them.

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