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Title: Among the Stars, like Giants

Author: Gareth D. Williams

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Tags: Science Fiction

Serie: A Dark, Distorted Mirror (#5)

Publisher: Morag Kerr

URL: http://www.b5-dark-mirror.co.uk/

Among the Stars, like Giants
Author: Gareth D. Williams
Publisher: Morag Kerr
Published: 1995-1997
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Subject: Science Fiction
Source: Dark Mirror

The Shadow War is over. The Shadows have left this galaxy, moving beyond the Rim. The younger races work together in peace and harmony as part of the benevolent United Alliance, led by the Blessed Delenn and protected by the fearsome Dark Star fleet, led by the 'Shadowkiller', General John Sheridan. The Narn and the Centauri are at peace, the Minbari have reformed their Grey Council, and Z'ha'dum is a world guarded night and day by the Vorlon fleet.

This is a parallel universe of Babylon 5. The familiar characters are all there, but with a difference. Ten years before the story opens a single, pivotal event occurred differently …

… And history changed. Destiny faded. All that was, and is, and yet may be was altered; irrevocably, eternally, forever.

And twelve years ago, as history changed, the two Vorlons in Dukhat's secret chamber, who once had been called the future, realised in that one, fateful moment, that the future they knew now belonged elsewhere, and a new future was theirs.

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