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Title: Zhlindu

Author: Lee Willard

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Tags: Science Fiction

Serie: The Second Expedition (#1)

Publisher: kassidor.com

URL: http://www.kassidor.com/stories/second/second.htm

Author: Lee Willard
Publisher: Kassidor.com
Series: The Second Expedition
Keywords: Sc-fi, intercultural romance, Simulated humans
Source: Kassidor.com

Alan makes it to Zhlindu and in a few short local years, thinks he is in the 'and they lived happily ever after' part of his adventure. Ava finds the native data system harder to crack than she thought, until she finally gets some help from an ancient wizard that she suspects is a virus in her own logic. Desa buys the yandrille she came to the city for and wonders if her bandmates will finally lure her away from Alan.

Then a detective appears at Desa's door, telling her that they are being hunted by strange beings. Ava finds she must deal with her clone sister or face the gravest penalty of all, and the most extremist bishop calls for the planet's destruction. It is only after they are captured that Desa learns the full extent of the additional responsibility she has taken on by teaching Alan about the world, and the full price her heart will have to pay. The chase takes them across the city, across the planet and into the nature of reality itself.

Note: It is possible to read this story without the other two of the trilogy. The later stories of the Gordon's Lamp expedition (Tdesi Quest, Aluminum Quest, Tangle in the Dark and Vermin Rising) will make more sense after reading this.

Another note

The books of this series are not complete on our server. Please follow the links to the author's website for more books, and more information. Count our collection here as "appetizers" :)

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