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Title: Lhar

Author: Lee Willard

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Tags: Science Fiction

Serie: The Second Expedition (#1)

Publisher: kassidor.com

URL: http://www.kassidor.com/stories/second/second.htm

Author: Lee Willard
Series: The Second Expedition
Publisher: Kassidor.com
Source: Kassidor.com

Alfred must put the loss of his son behind him and press ahead with his plans to remain with the study planet while the main expedition moves to 61 Cygni B. Those plans are going well enough till he finds out the natives can read memories, leaving all of their civilization exposed in Alan's brain.

Ava is determined to study the signals Alan finds because they are the key to the native's data system. She will stop at nothing, even the greatest sacrilige their society knows.

Desa finds the boat ride down the Lhar long and lazy, but her eager young student is growing more attached and wants to show his love by total monogamy. That is definitely slowing her circulation, and starting to frustrate Luray, who needs affection to counteract the withdrawal from yaag.

But it is the starship attack and their trek thru the wilderness that gives them their greatest challenges. It is the meetings in certain castles in native cities that should concern the Angels more. If they knew of them.

Another note

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