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Title: T'N'T: Telzey and Trigger

Author: James H Schmitz

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Tags: Science Fiction

Serie: Federation of the Hub (Schmitz) (#2)

Publisher: Baen Publishing Enterprises

T'N'T: Telzey and Trigger
Author: James H. Schmitz
Publisher: Baen Publishing Enterprises
Published: 2000
Originally published: 1970-1972
Cover art: Bob Eggleton
Topic: Science Fiction
Source: BaenEBooks


Telzey Amberdon is one of the most powerful xenotelepaths in the known galaxy. Trigger Argee is a crack shot, with reflexes that make lightning look lethargic, and also a top agent of the galaxy's Federation of the Hub. Separately, they have been making life miserable for human criminals, unfriendly aliens, and nefarious members of all species. But when a danger to the entire Hub civilization brought these two together, the galaxy would never be the same!

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