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Title: Crown of Slaves

Author: David Weber, Eric Flint

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Tags: Science Fiction

Publisher: Baen Books

Crown of Slaves
Author: David Weber
Author: Eric Flint
Topic: Science Fiction
Cover art: David Mattingly
Publisher: Baen Books
Copyright: 2003 by David Weber & Eric Flint
Source: BaenEBooks

Crown of Slaves is a 2003 novel by David Weber and Eric Flint set in the Honorverse; it has been billed as the first in the Wages of Sin series, spun off from the main Honor Harrington series.

It features Honor herself only in a cameo role: other characters from the novels and several short stories take centre stage. These include Captain Anton Zilwicki and his adopted daughter Berry, introduced in From the Highlands, and Ruth Winton, introduced in Promised Land. "Jeremy X", the terrorist leader of the Audubon Ballroom, and Victor Cachat, one of the Republic of Haven's most capable agents, also appear.


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