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Title: March Upcountry

Author: David Weber, John Ringo

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Tags: Science Fiction

Serie: Empire of Man (Weber) (#1)

Publisher: Baen Books

March Upcountry
Author: David Weber
Author: John Ringo
Topic: Science Fiction
Publisher: Baen Books
Copyright: 2001 by David Weber & John Ringo
Cover art: Patrick Turner
Source: BaenEBooks

March Upcountry is the first novel in the science fiction series of the Empire of Man by David Weber and John Ringo. It tells the story of Prince Roger MacClintock and his bodyguards of the Empress' Own Regiment who get marooned on the alien planet of Marduk due to an act of sabotage on their ship, and must fight their way towards the local space port (held by enemies of the Terran Empire) in order to get back home to Earth. The book appeared on the New York Times best seller list.


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