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Title: The Man From The Moon

Author: Otis Adelbert Kline

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Tags: Science Fiction

The Man From The Moon
Author: Otis Adalbert Kline
Published: 1930
Genre: Science Fiction
Source: MobileRead)

This story was first published in Amazing Stories in October 1930.

Looking forward is always an interesting occupation, for the imagination can be given absolute free play and so many seemingly fantastic pictures may be called into being. But equally absorbing can be the process of looking backward, though it must be done with considerably less freedom of imagination. What was the origin of races? Did all of us—Yellow, Black and White —start our generations in similar manner? How far afield of the truth are anthropologists? Otis Adelbert Kline has pondered on these questions and, being a writer of no mean ability, it naturally follows that his story is well worth serious consideration. Therefore me recommend it heartily, knowing that you will agree with us.

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