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Title: The tear thief

Author: Alain Bezancon

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Tags: Science Fiction

Publisher: Alain Bezancon

URL: http://www.emotein.com/

The tear thief
Original title: Le voleur de larmes
Author: Alain Bezancon
Publisher: Alain Bezancon
Published: 2009
Source: Emotein

"In a world where emotions are disappearing, selling tears with the emotions they contain has become a thriving industry. Beside this industry and it's harvested tears, a black market offers wild tears taken unbeknownst to their owners for a very private usage. Baldassario, the tear thief, is a virtuoso in this field. He faces his greatest challenge unaware of the unpredictable journey he undertakes."

The tear thief is part of the Emotein project.

A multidisciplinary approach including video, photo, writing, music, design and thinking. Discover all the original creations at www.emotein.com.

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