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Title: The Lady in the Mirror

Author: A Warren Merkey

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Tags: Science Fiction

Serie: Far Freedom (A. Warren Merkey) (#3)

The Lady in the Mirror
Author: A. Warren Merkey
Source: FarFreedom.Com

Far Freedom Series: In the 1980s, somewhere beneath the plains of Kansas, a scientific experiment secretly altered the course of history. 700 years later there are consequences.

The Lady in the Mirror: The crew of the Freedom encounters an alien artifact in intergalactic space which delivers to them a dying person who appears to be human. Hidden by the man's amnesia and locked within the alien artifact is a startling secret that will cause Admiral Demba to lead a perilous special mission back to earth through enemy territory. Although it is a personal quest, the mission will trigger a great event in human history, a tipping point for good or bad.

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