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Title: Spell of Catastrophe

Author: Mayer Alan Brenner

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Tags: Science Fiction

Serie: Dance of the Gods (#1)

Spell of Catastrophe
Author: Mayer Alan Brenner
Published: 1989
Source: ManyBooks.net
Origin: Mayer Brenner
License: CC-BY-NC-ND

For a change, Max was not actually on the run, which is to say that he didn't think anyone in particular was after him. Of course, his perception (which happened to be wrong) did not materially change the situation. He did indeed have a pursuer, and later that night the pursuer caught up.

"The humour was never farcical, always intelligent, but there was a certain madcap, slyness to it which I haven't experienced in fantasy for quite a while. Some scenes had me laughing out loud -- not good when traveling with a bunch of strangers, but a perfect remedy to Life... Catastrophe's Spell, although extremely humourous is also an engaging, interesting story and an excellent start to the Dance of Gods series. I would very much like to see this book back in print -- there are some good books out right now, and there are some not-so-good books ... this one deserves its place with the former, and definitely has at least one big fan."

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