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Title: Equality

Author: Edward Bellamy

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Tags: Science Fiction

Serie: Looking Backward (Bellamy) (#2)

Author: Edward Bellamy
Published: 1897
Source: Project Gutenberg

Equality is a utopian novel by Edward Bellamy, and the sequel to Looking Backward: 2000–1887 and was first published in 1897. The book contains a minimal amount of plot; Bellamy primarily used Equality to expand on the theories he first explored in Looking Backward.

The story takes up immediately after the events of Looking Backward with the main characters from the first novel, Julian West, Doctor Leete, and his daughter Edith.

West tells his nightmare of return to the 19th century to Edith, who is sympathetic. West's citizenship in the new America is recognized, and he goes to the bank to obtain his own account, or "credit card", from which he can draw on the annual stipend all citizens receive. He learns that Edith and her mother do not normally wear the long skirts he has seen them in (they have been wearing them so his 19th century sensibilities will not be shocked), and when Edith learns that he would not be shocked to see them dressed otherwise, immediately runs into the house and comes out dressed as a modern woman in a pants suit. Clothing varies widely, since it is made of strengthened paper, and is recycled when dirty and replaced at very small expense (shoes and dishes are made of variations on the same substance).


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