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Title: The Right People

Author: Adam Rakunas

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Tags: Science Fiction

The Right People
Author: Adam Rakunas
Published: 2008
Keywords: Science Fiction, Erotica, Short Stories
Origin: futurismic.com
Source: Feedbooks
License: CC-BY-NC-ND

Imagine what high school would have been like if dealing drugs had been legal when licensed, mobile social networking had been ubiquitous and the in-crowd had more leverage than most political parties… what would the smart-but-slightly-crazy outcasts end up doing?

In Adam Rakunas’s novella “The Right People”, they’re in the lucrative but precarious position of selling clandestine bootleg sex toys to the overachievers, but the rug is about to be pulled out from under their operation…

It’s simultaneously a slice of full-bore gonzo science fiction blended with a Brat Pack movie, and a timely metaphor for the present presidential tussle, and Futurismic is very proud to present “The Right People” as Adam’s first fiction sale - in fact, I think we’re lucky to have found him first!

Do be warned, though - this one’s definitely not for the very young or the easily offended!

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