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Title: In the Sargasso Sea

Author: Thomas A Janvier

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Tags: Children, Science Fiction

In the Sargasso Sea
Author: Thomas A. Janvier
Written: 1898
Source: Project Gutenberg

The protagonist, Roger Stetworth, unwillingly joins a slave ship called the "Golden Hind" captained by Luke Chilton. (When Chilton demanded that Roger "sign aboard" he refused and was clubbed on the head and thrown overboard.) He is rescued by the "Hurst Castle" and doctored by a painfully stereotyped Irishman. The "Hurst Castle" is abandoned but does not founder in a gale and the crew accidentally leave Stetworth marooned aboard. The ship drifts into the center of the Sargasso Sea where Stetworth finds himself in a ships' graveyard in which survivors of previous shipwrecks still inhabit the forgotten ships. Stetworth must rely on his own ingenuity to get free from the choking sargasso weeds.


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