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Title: Valley of Dreams

Author: Stanley Weinbaum

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Tags: Science Fiction

Serie: Wonder Stories (Weinbaum) (#2)

Valley of Dreams
Author: Stanley Weinbaum
Published: 1934
Source: Project Gutenberg

Two weeks before the Ares is scheduled to leave Mars, Captain Harrison sends American chemist Dick Jarvis and French biologist "Frenchy" Leroy to retrieve the film Jarvis took before his auxiliary rocket crashed into the Thyle highlands the week before. Along the way, the Earthmen stop at the city of the cart creatures and the site of the pyramid building creature for Leroy to take some samples. After picking up the film canisters from the crashed rocket at Thyle II, the two men fly east to Thyle I to look for signs of the birdlike Martian, Tweel. […]


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