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Title: Dobhriathar

Author: Malcolm Pierce

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Tags: Science Fiction

Serie: Faster than Light (Pierce) (#2)

Faster Than Light: Dobhriathar
Author: Malcolm Pierce
Source: Feedbooks

The second in a series of short stories about the I.S.S. Fenghuang, the last faster-than-light starship in the galaxy. In this volume, Governor Caitlin Adair struggles with her place among the crew while they investigate an isolated solar mining platform.

The Heilmann Drive allowed humanity to spread across the stars and prosper for nearly two thousand years. But when the use of the device begins to eat into the fabric of the universe, the People's Interstellar Republic bans all faster-than-light travel. A new age begins, one of isolation and stagnation, and becomes known as the Fall.

One rebel, Captain Seth Garland, steals the last starship in existence. He is now mankind's only hope of re-uniting the stars.

Dobhriathar: As Caitlin struggles with her place aboard the ISS Fenghuang, the rebel crew visits a deep space mining platform in search of materials to improve the ship. There, they discover an abandoned mining team and a mystery that could change everything they think they know about the galaxy.

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