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Title: Babel Among the Stars

Author: Malcolm Pierce

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Tags: Science Fiction

Serie: Faster than Light (Pierce) (#3)

Faster Than Light: Babel Among the Stars
Author: Malcolm Pierce
Source: Feedbooks

The third in a series of short stories about the I.S.S. Fenghuang, the last faster-than-light starship in the galaxy, and its crew of rebels determined to reunite humanity. This entry delves into the history of Captain Seth Garland and reveals how he came to be the last hope for interstellar travel.

The Heilmann Drive allowed humanity to spread across the stars and prosper for nearly two thousand years. But when the use of the device begins to eat into the fabric of the universe, the People's Interstellar Republic bans all faster-than-light travel. A new age begins, one of isolation and stagnation. This era becomes known as the Fall.

One rebel, Captain Seth Garland, steals the last starship in existence. He is now mankind's only hope of re-uniting the stars.

Babel Among the Stars: In the last days of the Heilmann Drive, a precocious student at the Republic School for Interplanetary Relations takes desperate measures to preserve the existence of the revolutionary starship engine.

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