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Title: The Teachings Of Maimonides

Author: A Cohen

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The Teachings Of Maimonides
Author: Cohen,A.
Published: 1927
Subject: PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY; Philosophy of mind
Publisher: George Routledge And Sons Limited.
Language: English
Call number: 32353
Book contributor: Osmania University
Source: Archive.org

THIS book is intended to serve a double purpose. It firstly presents a summary of the teachings of Maimonides on Philosophy, Psychology, Religion and Ethics in a systematic classification. Although he earned a great and enduring reputation for his masterly systematisation of the mass of Rabbinic law, he has nowhere left an orderly account of his opinions. They have to be collected and pieced together from the whole field of his compositions. Secondly, the summary is given in the author's words by quotations from his writings. The volume, accordingly, takes the form of an anthologie raisonnce.

(from the preface)

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