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Title: The City of Fire

Author: Grace Livingston Hill

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Tags: Science Fiction

The City of Fire
Author: Grace Livingston Hill
Origin: Project Gutenberg
Source: MobileRead

"A Girl Doesn't Have to be Old Fashioned to be Good!" Lynn Severn, beautiful daughter of a small town minister, is deeply troubled by the barrier which has come between her and her former playmate, Mark Carter. A more lovable heroine than this simple and natural girl would be difficult to find.

This the story of Mark Carter and Marilyn Severn. They have known and cared for each other since childhood but because Mark overheard a malicious comment of one of their guests he believes himself unworthy of the girl he loves and begins a downward spiral of self destruction. The story is too long. Billy is a charming kid who loves Marilyn and Mark and gets involved unwittingly in a crime that involves Mark quite accidentally. Billy's scheming to right all his wrongs gets tedious but the way Marilyn and her family love Mark and the way Ms Hill uses her Father to reach and restore Mark makes the book worthwhile.

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