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Title: Out From Edom

Author: J Patrick Sutton

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Tags: Science Fiction

URL: http://www.jpatricksutton.com/

Out From Edom: Book I of the Irredente Chronicles
Author: J. Patrick Sutton
Source: MobileRead

Lengthy sci-fi novel now available in full. Humanity in its “renormalized” form following an epoch of profligate genetic bioforming has sheltered itself in a theocratic hegemony along one arm of a barred-spiral galaxy. In seeking to protect its genome from further tampering and regulate technology, it has become complacent and ossified. The Irredente Chronicles series traces the lives of characters affected in various ways by humanity’s desperate attempt to cling to a recognizably human self. When an unknown enemy begins wiping out hegemony worlds, the Irredente must rise to the threat or else face destruction.

Is there a way to halt the march of science and technology without becoming vulnerable in a universe that embraces it?

Over the course of 3 novels and 2000 pages, as the rescued urchin Henryk and the reactionary priest Hersey voyage separately across the hegemony and beyond, the dark secrets at the heart of the Irredente will be exposed, and Henryk and Hersey will lead humanity from complacent parochialism to an embrace of the multiversal computation.

Book I is 188,000 words -- 500+ paperback pages. More information at www.jpatricksutton.com.

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