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Title: Agadat En Yaakov 1

Author: Samuel Hirsch Glick

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Tags: Judaica

Serie: Agadat En Yaakov (Glick) (#1)

Agadat En Yaakov
Author: Ibn Habib, Jacob ben Solomon, 1445?-1515 or 16; Glick, S. H. (Samuel Hirsch)
Subject: Aggada -- Translations into English
Publisher: [New York : S.H. Glick]
Year: 1916-1921
Possible copyright status: NOT_IN_COPYRIGHT
Language: English
Call number: 488076
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Book contributor: Princeton Theological Seminary Library
Source: archive.org

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The translation treats with the part of Agada only, and has practically no relation to the Halacha (Law). The Talmud consists of two parts : the Halacha, which treats of all the laws concerning Jewish life, in every form and respect; the second part, which treats of narrations, ethics, sociology, astronomy, and medicine, under the name Agada or as it is commonly known "The Homiletics of the Talmud", and among Jews, this portion is called En Jacob. In choosing the part of Agada, the advice of our sages has been followed who say, "He who wishes to become acqainted with his Creator, let him study the Agada." Special pains were taken to translate in such a way that the reader, in due time, should be able to assimilate some parts in the original Hebrew; as for example, every word added In the translation, which has no equivalent in Hebrew, has been placed in brackets, so that the reader may distinguish the du-ect translation from the necessary explanatory words.

(from the editors preface)

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