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Title: The Metal Monster

Author: Abraham Merritt

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Tags: Science Fiction

The Metal Monster
Author: Abraham Merritt
Year: 1920
Keywords: Adventure, Science fiction, Tibet (China)
Source: Project Gutenberg

Traveling into the heart of Asia, Dr. Walter T. Goodwin and his expedition discover a secret empire ruled by living robots.

The Metal Monster is an Abraham Merritt fantasy novel. It was first serialized in Argosy All-Story Weekly in 1920 and features the return of Dr. Goodwin who first appeared in The Moon Pool.

The epic adventure starts with a foreword where Merritt is assigned the duty to relay Dr. Walter T. Goodwin's incredible tale of his encounter in the Trans-Himalayan mountains to the world, to let everyone know the terrible fate Goodwin's group barely escaped and the possibility of other such monsters out there.


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