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Title: Gallegher Plus

Author: Henry Kuttner

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Tags: Science Fiction

Serie: Gallegher (Kuttner) (#2)

Gallegher Plus
Author: Henry Kuttner

Eccentric inventor, Galloway Gallegher, who's a genius only when totally drunk, has just sobered up - to find a curious looking machine of unfathomable purpose sitting in his room, & his back yard turned into a pit!

He will soon learn he'd collected payment from 3 different parties, including an agency of the US government, as part of a commission to build each of those parties something or the other! He also seems to have invested in a stock that has just crashed, against his broker's advise. He's no recollection of any of these, but the curious machine in his room must, of course, be the key to the problem.


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