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Title: Plisch und Plum

Author: Wilhelm Busch

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Tags: Humor

Publisher: MobileRead

Plisch and Plum
Author: Wilhelm Busch
Illustrator: Wilhelm Busch
Translation: Charles T. Brooks
Editor: e.c.menting
Publisher: MobileRead
Published: 1882-01-01
eBook Creator: GrannyGrump
eBook created: 2021-04-24
Copyright: Public domain worldwide
Origin: Zeno
Origin: FadedPage
Source: MobileRead

Another rhyming book from the twisty humor of Wilhelm Busch. Two naughty little dogs meet two naughty little boys, and, well — it’s love at first sight! Chaos and mayhem and hilarity ensue, but all will come well in the end.


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  • Plisch und Plum (German)
  • Plish and Plum (English)

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