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Title: The Francesians

Author: Jim Bowering

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Tags: Science Fiction

Serie: Green Comet (#3)

The Francesians
Author: Jim Bowering
Published: 2017
Copyright: Jim Bowering 2012, CC BY-SA
Source: unglue.it

Book three in the Green Comet trilogy

After their conflict with the deadly Visitor, and their expedition to the moon of the ones who sent it, Elgin and Frances leave the Makers -- the violently primitive species that created the apocalyptic Visitor -- and head back to Green Comet, only to discover that dark forces have been active in their absence. They can turn away and avoid a confrontation with the Francesians, if they want. They don't have to take on the responsibility of freeing Green Comet from the Francesians' reign of repression. The people let it happen and maybe they should be allowed to get themselves out of it. They don't have to take on the responsibility, but they will, because they didn't save their people from annihilation only to let them live in darkness.


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