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book The Woman of the Pyramid by Perley Poore Sheehan
book The Man Who Saved the Earth by Austin Hall
book Homeland by Cory Doctorow
book King of the Dead: A Weird Romance by Frank Aubrey
book A Queen of Atlantis: A Romance of the Caribbean Sea by Frank Aubrey
book The Devil-tree of El Dorado: A Novel by Frank Aubrey
book The Utopian “Herland” Trilogy by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
book The colour out of space by H P Lovecraft
book Happy ending by Henry Kuttner
book The Radio Planet by Ralph Milne Farley
book Solarion by Edgar Fawcett
book The Ghost of Guy Thyrle by Edgar Fawcett
book Psychotennis, Anyone? by Lloyd Williams
book The long way back by John Barrett
book On a lark to the planets / A sequel to "The wonderful electric elephant" by Frances Trego Montgomery
book Ahead of his time by Ray Cummings
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